About InterSector

InterSector is a sector-specific publication with a strong history of recognising public sector employees and projects. Evolving from a print-magazine into an online resource, InterSector continues to provide agencies and employees with tools to support cross-sector collaboration and information sharing.

A brief history

Beginning in November 1995 as a monthly print newsletter, InterSector developed into a full print magazine combining government career opportunities with informative articles on public sector issues.

As Jobs WA came online in 2004, InterSector transitioned into an editorial magazine, exploring issues affecting the sector and recognising achievements.

InterSector shifted to a wholly-online magazine in 2009, continuing the traditional editorial articles while reaching a wider audience.

2013—the new InterSector

With a fresh design, the new InterSector website presents engaging features like the events calendar and discussion forums. Behind-the-scenes improvements have streamlined the article submission process to help agencies post news faster, and the subscription process has been improved to ensure public sector employees receive news, events and forum updates.

Information for PSWA Announce subscribers and events providers

InterSector’s new events calendar has been developed to help public sector employees find relevant professional development opportunities, and can be filtered by region or category. Visitors who create an account can subscribe to receive fortnightly updates by email.

As such, PSWA Announce has been retired and no further posts will be approved to the mailing list.

If you have any queries or feedback, please email intersector@psc.wa.gov.au.

Information for subscribers to HRShare, FinShare, EEOShare and PolicyNet

InterSector’s new forums have been developed to help public sector employees across the sector to share information. The new HR forum has subfolders for ‘Jobs and job descriptions’, ‘Policies and procedures’ and ‘Workforce planning’, as well as a general discussion forum for other conversations. There are also new forums for Finance and Communications officers, and a general forum for all public sector employees.

As such, HRShare, FinShare, EEOShare and PolicyNet​ have been retired and no further posts will be approved to the mailing lists.

  • To participate in the forums, please create an account using your agency email address and select ‘I am a WA public sector employee’. You can subscribe selectively to forum subfolders (from the ‘My account’ page), or to specific discussions (from the ‘Subscribe’ link at the top of each discussion thread). Your subscription will not be automatically transferred from HRShare or other mailing lists.
  • Events providers who normally advertise through the mailing lists are encouraged to read the new Events calendar guidelines, and follow the instructions to post to the new events calendar. Public sector events providers are permitted to post to the appropriate forum to advertise their event (only one forum post per event, thank you).

If you have any queries or feedback, please email intersector@psc.wa.gov.au.