Breakfast talk covers trends with benefits

Public Sector Commission

An emergent trend in portfolio project management is the process known as ‘benefits realisation’.

The Public Sector Commission recently welcomed a pre-eminent authority on the subject at the Spotlight Series CEO Breakfast and Senior Executive Service Masterclass.

Mr Stephen Jenner, a former UK civil servant and consultant, develops and delivers masters-level courses for Queensland University of Technology’s Graduate School of Business, as well as delivering project management courses at a number of other business schools around the world.

Attendees at the two events were treated to a lively, engaging and at times humorous presentation on benefits realisation—something most organisations, public or private, struggle to demonstrate.

The presentations focused on the current state of benefits realisation, trends in the field and research findings, and strategies to optimise benefits realisation management.

Benefits realisation management is one of many ways of managing how time and resources are invested into making desirable changes, and involves the identification, definition, planning, tracking and realisation of business benefits.

Mr Jenner’s insights around the need for ‘realism in planning and enthusiasm in delivery’ resonated with the audience, and the frameworks presented and discussed were practical and useful. The presentations provided an excellent opportunity for senior public leaders to discuss issues that arise across their organisations.

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