Delivering Directions 2031

Department of Planning

Directions 2031 and beyond sets a vision for Perth as a world class, liveable city that is sustainable, vibrant and prosperous, and that commends its unique characteristics and history.

The strategy addresses the challenge of providing jobs and housing for a growing population while protecting high quality natural environments and resources, and maintaining the lifestyles that many people have come to expect. The plan’s spatial framework shows how existing and future commercial and community centres are connected by road, rail and public transport routes. Importantly, it also incorporates a green network of parks, rivers and beaches to enhance liveability and social activity.

It has provided the basis for the Department’s contribution to the ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment for Perth and Peel’ which is currently being undertaken by the State Government in consultation with the Commonwealth Government to identify key environmental constraints under both Commonwealth and State legislation.

The ‘Delivering Directions 2031’ implementation program has widespread support from State agencies, local governments and industry bodies. This multi-stakeholder approach supports the public sector in developing resourceful partnerships with key stakeholders to initiate joint projects such as the recent housing preferences research The Housing we’d Choose: A study for Perth and Peel.

Implementation of the strategy stretches across many areas of government; for example, the draft Public Transport Plan for Perth 2031 will be a key enabler for delivering Directions 2031 through the Department of Transport. The Department of Housing, guided by the Affordable Housing Strategy 2010-2020, is pursuing reforms that implement Directions 2031 housing diversity targets and facilitate affordable housing. In the planning portfolio, sub-regional structure plans and a plan for urban consolidation in the Perth and Peel metropolitan region will give effect to the Directions 2031 and beyond vision.

Released at the end of 2012, the Delivering Directions 2031 Annual Report Card provided a progress report on what had been achieved against the targets set out in the strategy. It also enabled the evaluation of State planning policies overall, to better judge their effectiveness.

Data for the report card—obtained from a variety of sources including other agencies, the ABS Census, Valuer General’s Office, local governments and Department of Planning databases—provided an essential benchmark on the implementation of the plan to date.

Publications on Directions 2031 implementation progress can be viewed at: