Former Public Service Commissioners and Chairmen of the Public Service Board honoured

Public Sector Commission

In early 2012, the Public Sector Commission was relocated to Dumas House as part of a major government rehousing project involving six thousand public servants across a least half a dozen locations. The relocation to Dumas House was an opportunity to look back over the historical context of Dumas House and the public sector more broadly.

The long and proud tradition of the public sector providing high quality services is evident through the contributions of former Public Service Commissioners and Chairmen of the Public Service Board.

Honoured at a special commemorative event held at the Commission on 24 October 2013, these achievements were recognised in the naming of the training facilities and various meeting rooms at the Commission.

The extensive research formed the basis of the narrative on the commemorative plaques located in respectively named rooms.

Commemorative plaques and rooms honour the following former Commissioners and Chairman of the Public Service Board:

  • Martin Edward Jull
  • George William Simpson, ISO
  • George William Simpson
  • Sydney Arnold Taylor, ISO
  • Herbert Edward Bersey Smith
  • Sir Kenneth Joseph Townsing, CMG, ISO
  • Reginald John Bond, ISO
  • Ralph Herbert Doig, CMG, CVO
  • Keith Edward Mann
  • Frank Campbell
  • Marwood Cleeve Kingsmill
  • Digby Graham Blight, AO
  • Dr Michael Cunningham Wood
  • Dr Kenneth Comninos Michael, AC
  • George Henry Cooper, ISO
  • Kenneth Maxwell McKenna, AO
  • James Bruce Crooks
  • Ernest Patrick Shaddick
  • Isobel Aitken Barr, OAM