How cloud and culture are transforming the Department of Finance

Department of Finance

Since the release of Digital WA: State ICT Strategy 2016 - 2020, the Department of Finance has gone digital, re-engineering its business practices, streamlining work processes, and deliver better customer service.

Director General Jodi Cant said the department was committed to going digital where they offer fast, reliable, and convenient services.

“The transition to the cloud was the first step in our digital transformation. It encouraged us to challenge the ‘status quo’ and look for better, more innovative ways to conduct our core business”, Ms Cant said.

“It has also provided a foundation to mature Finance’s digital capability and the continuous development of the digital skills of our people.”

Executive Director Andy Wood said that the department’s digital transformation started with the transition to Microsoft Azure - a secure, reliable, and scalable on-demand and consumption-based ICT service model.

“Our previous operating model was very heavy and lethargic in that we would buy a piece of kit, we would put it in place and it would stay there for 10 years and we would never innovate with it,” said Wood.

The responsive, scalable, secure and resilient technology foundations that exist following the move to Azure enables the department to focus on continuous improvement, to be more responsive, to embrace activity-based working and empower teams.

A more in depth analysis of the department’s digital transformation is available on the website.