Internship opportunities

Public Sector Commission

Public sector agencies now have two avenues for providing internship opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students!

These programs give you skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic thinkers to complete project work that adds value to your business. For the students, it enables them to apply their skills and knowledge in a professional capacity through work-based projects and receive unit credit for the work.

Public Sector Internship Program

Through the Internships board, the program allows agencies to develop a work-based project and invite students from all universities within Western Australia to apply.

McCusker Centre for Citizenship

The McCusker Centre internship program facilitate internships specifically for University of Western Australia students.

Support of these programs are part of the sector’s focus on identifying talent, providing opportunities for students to apply their skills in a practical way, and showcasing the diverse and challenging work of agencies with the aim of attracting prospective employees.

With Semester 1, 2020 approaching, now is the time to start thinking about the project opportunities your agency may have available.