The Landgate Story goes global


Landgate’s innovative business practices have received global attention with the agency’s Chief Executive Jodi Cant presenting to Princeton University’s prestigious ‘Innovation for Successful Societies’ program in the United States.

Ms Cant travelled to Washington DC and shared the story of Landgate’s journey from its inception in 2007 to being the innovative and dynamic business it is today.

Ms Cant presented to the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs on 31 May 2017 along with land information agencies from places including South Africa, Canada, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan and Mozambique.

Princeton University invited Ms Cant to travel to the US for the event after Princeton researcher Maya Gainer visited Landgate in March 2017 to interview employees and study the agency’s business.

Ms Cant said land agencies from across the world were interested in Landgate.

“This is global recognition of the hard work, creativity and innovative spirit of every one of us at Landgate,” Ms Cant said.

“This puts the success of our agency on the global stage where we will tell the story of how we have adapted, created, enhanced and led our industry in Australia, and in many ways, the world.”