Leadership series focuses on surviving in the 21st century

Public Sector Commission

The complex and challenging nature of working in today’s public sector was the common theme at the most recent Leadership Seminar Series events.

Hosted by the Public Sector Commission in partnership with the Australia New Zealand School of Government, guest speaker Associate Professor Zeger van der Wal of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy delivered three presentations on the day—a general breakfast seminar, an senior executive service (SES) workshop and a chief executive officer (CEO) luncheon.

Aspiring public sector managers were treated to an engaging presentation on the skills, competencies and values they will need to survive in a 21st century world that is ‘volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA)’.

Participants at the SES workshop engaged in a lively debate around ethical dilemmas, and CEOs discussed the potential challenges that may be faced in motivating staff in an environment where populist political leaders are increasing in prevalence.

The Leadership Seminar Series provides current and aspiring leaders across the sector with the opportunity to meet and hear from influential speakers on current public administration topics.

The next speaker in the series will be Associate Professor Catherine Althaus who is visiting Perth in February 2017. Registrations are open now.

For more information around Leadership seminars and programs offered by the Commission please go to the Commission’s website.