Making access to government services easier

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

On 17 December 2016, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) launched the new myWA Alpha prototype website. This prototype is the first step towards the long-term objective of having a one stop shop of government digital services.

The myWA Alpha is designed to make it easier for the community and business to find and access over 80 existing WA government services online and search across all WA government websites. 

The move towards delivering better and more convenient services to the community through the use of technology is outlined in the Digital WA: ICT strategy

Mr Giles Nunis, Government Chief Information Officer said, ‘In this digital age, people want to access services anywhere and at any time, and governments need to respond to these changing needs. The site does not replace existing service delivery methods such as by phone or over the counter. It will provide the community and business with another choice to use when accessing government services.’

In addition to search functions, the myWA Alpha site shows some of the features that have the potential to be included in a more advanced site in the future. The OGCIO is seeking feedback on the content, design and functionality of the site to ensure it is user-friendly and incorporates community and business needs. 

The myWA Alpha site was developed by the ICT Strategy and Delivery Team within the OGCIO. 

Mr Stuart Gibbon, Executive Director who leading the ICT Strategy and Delivery team said, ‘We are trying something new with a government technology-based project. We have gone public with an early prototype rather than a finished product. It allows us to get important feedback early in the process to ensure we make the right decisions going forward.’

The myWA Alpha site will remain live for the first half of 2017 to allow sufficient time for feedback to be received. The site will be updated and refined during this period to incorporate responses. People can also register as ‘Alpha testers’ and provide ongoing feedback during the development process. 

‘I encourage everyone to use the site and answer the online survey about their experience. In this way, you will be making an important contribution to the WA public sector’s digital future,’ Mr Nunis said.

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