Policy essentials 2018 – Applications open

Public Sector Commission

The Public Sector Commission is pleased to announce applications are now open for the 2018 Policy essentials program, with applications closing COB Friday, 23 February 2018.

Policy essentials is a development program—aligned to the Policy Capability Framework—delivered by experienced policy practitioners from across the sector. Now in its third year, the program has been extremely well received with over 84 policy practitioners—across 36 agencies—completing the program since 2016. 

Policy essentials adopts a blended learning approach, and comprises of four one-day workshops, delivered monthly over a period of four months, followed by a half-day group project presentation session. The workshops include face-to-face delivery, scenario-based activities, active learning, as well as pre and post-workshop learning activities to facilitate on-the-job application.

The program—while aimed at mid-level policy practitioners—is also suitable for people new to a policy role. This includes those with academic policy qualifications but lacking substantial on-the-job policy experience, or those who have entered the policy function as ‘technical experts’ but lacking formal policy training. It also provides the opportunity for experienced policy practitioners to update their skills and knowledge while developing leadership and collaboration skills.

When ask to summarise ‘What were the major benefits received from completing the Policy essentials program?’, participant responses included:

  • Strong theoretical understanding of the policy cycle and very relevant tools to use in applying it to my work.
  • An insight into a cross-section of public policy issues and how they have attempted to be navigated, which has been fascinating, mind-broadening, and provided a host of usual lessons that can be applied in my work.
  • Cross-sector linkages which have both encouraged looking at issues in different ways and provided particular contacts who will be invaluable in the development of specific policy approaches going forward.
  • Inspiration from a simply ‘gold-star’ set of presenters.
  • A greater sense of understanding about where the work I do on a daily basis fits against the conceptual policy framework.
  • A greater sense of identity as a policy officer, and camaraderie, as one of a team of policy practitioners across Government, who have a diverse set of tangible skills that can be applied across a range of issues/agencies - rather than a sense of professional identity limited only to my specific unit.

Further information regarding eligibility and program content is available on the Policy essentials page or by emailing PolicyCapability@psc.wa.gov.au. Alternatively, should you have any questions, please contact the Commission on 6552 8500 to discuss.