Policy research is a woman’s best friend

Public Sector Commission

From her self-proclaimed ‘first grown-up job’ in 2008 to her current policy research and support role with the Public Sector Commission, Erin McGlew has forged a career path that is in equal parts personally satisfying and more generally inspiring.

Erin cites the highlights of her job as being the challenge of deciphering legislative processes, the experience gained writing for an executive-level readership and the office’s proximity to Kings Park.

For her guide dog Jimmy, legislative processes and executive policy drafts may put food in his bowl but the regular walks in Kings Park are the real treat.

Erin, an Acting Research Officer in the Public Sector Renewal division, came to the public sector eight years ago as a project assistant at the Department of Premier and Cabinet and joined the Public Sector Commission soon after.

Following program support and business services roles in the learning and development area, Erin undertook her current position in May. She now provides research and general support to a team of policy officers on a range of initiatives that significantly impact upon the WA public sector.

‘It’s the first role I’ve had in the policy space, and I’ve really valued the opportunity to get to grips with legislative processes, particularly the experience of writing for an executive-level audience,’ Erin said.

‘The combined knowledge and experience in my team is really incredible, and I feel like I’m learning so much from them.’