Scholarships provide authorities with tools to prevent corruption

Public Sector Commission

The Public Sector Commission has arranged five scholarships for public authorities to better equip senior integrity leaders to develop robust systems resistant to misconduct and corruption.

As part of a 2017 focus on building these capabilities, the Commission has arranged scholarships for senior integrity practitioners to participate in the Australian and New Zealand School of Government’s executive workshop Strategic Responses to Corruption.

The practitioners were selected from a number of public authorities identified as being substantial notifiers of minor misconduct.

The four-day workshop, to be held in Sydney in March 2017, provides participants with the strategic intelligence to apply an approach to misconduct prevention that benefits their organisation and the wider public sector.

The course puts forward an approach to corruption prevention that builds on past successes in corruption risk management, while making fuller use of the control inherent in well-designed and managed operational arrangements.

Participants will be exposed to a range of concepts and analytical tools they can use to identify weaknesses and opportunities in their organisation’s operational arrangements.

Once these vulnerabilities have been identified, participants will be encouraged to use the information to help build a leaner, more robust system that is naturally resistant to misconduct and corruption.