Training helps leaders navigate rough seas

South Metropolitan TAFE

Senior managers more accustomed to navigating budget and policy ebbs and flows have set aside their calculators for compasses.

The Public Sector Commission’s 2017 second module of Leadership essentials training, Leading strategy, was hosted by the South Metropolitan TAFE (SMT) Maritime Training Centre in Fremantle.

Leading strategy explores the importance of risk management, critical thinking and decision making in strategic leadership.

To reinforce the teachings, SMT staff designed a sea search and rescue simulation specifically for Leadership essentials. Participants were divided into four vessels to navigate a vast area of ocean, imitating the challenge of leading multiple stakeholders on cross-agency initiatives.

The task of locating a mayday vessel in treacherous and changing conditions tested the participants’ abilities to communicate clearly and make critical decisions in complex circumstances.

The partnership highlighted the unique work of SMT and provided a practical component to the module theory.

Participants also enjoyed a tour of SMT’s Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research. The centre plays an important role in the strategic sustainability of recreational and commercial species in WA.

As a development program for pre-SES officers, Leadership essentials is committed to developing agile and adaptive leaders with the confidence to lead across the State’s diverse public sector.

Expressions of interest are welcomed from agencies interested in hosting the program and showcasing the work of their department. For further details, contact

Nominations for the 2018 Leadership essentials program will open in late 2017.