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Event outline

"Discover The Amazing Secrets To Writing Better Media Releases That Get Used Instead Of Deleted"

If you would like to write better media releases with more impact .... then this course will provide the practical skills for you to write news releases that get published instead of deleted.

Imagine having a step-by-step process for all the things you have to do .... how to write an attention-grabbing lead paragraph, how to structure your media release, how to pitch your news release to the media, how to get the media interested in your story and how to write with impact. And can you imagine how great you'll feel when everything comes together and you're consistently and frequently getting your media releases picked up and run by the media. That's what thousands of others have learnt in this intensive half-day course.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to improve your understanding of how the media works.
  • You want to deal with the media more confidently.
  • You want to write a news release quickly and efficiently.
  • You want to develop simple, effective and low cost strategies to gain media coverage.
  • You want more confidence in writing and structuring media releases.
  • You want to know what to say and how to pitch your news release when you speak to the media?.
  • You want to know the best way to distribute your media release.
  • You want to use the media to get your message across.
  • You want to know the insider secrets of effective public relations writing.

Relevance to the development of public sector employees' skills 

What are the secrets of writing and pitching media releases that get used instead of deleted? If you work in Government, how can you write better releases in less time? Whether you are writing a media release for a Government agency, briefing others or working behind the scenes, this half-day seminar will show you the "insider's secrets" of writing media releases that get used.

Our seminar "Writing & Pitching Winning Media Releases" is practical, entertaining and contains real life case studies on media releases that get published. Policy discussion, social change and community consultation are all achieved through effective media relations. Writing effective media releases for target audiences is at the heart of good media relations.

We have a full money back guarantee if you can't write a better media release in less time after attending our course.
Comments from previous participants

"Highly informative, interesting and of great value to me."
Christine Dawes, Registrar/Marketing, Catholic Agricultural College, Bindoon.

"I liked the interaction between participants and the pressure to think quickly on your feet."
Ian Pritchard, Research Scientist, Department of Agriculture, Northam.

"Very informative and comprehensive. I have a clear understanding of what's required within a media release and how to pitch it to the media. Definitely glad I attended!"
Renee Rugless, Marketing Co-ordinator, PCT Engineers, Belmont.

"I liked the depth of experience Tom shares from both the journalistic and PR aspects."
Joel Chan, PR Officer, Alzheimer's Association, Shenton Park.

"Hands-on, practical learning. Good tips; easy to understand; good use of real life examples."
Charmian Candy, Marketing Executive, TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, East Perth.

"I liked the different angles and pitches for each media completed by us and the feedback."
Katie Findley, Communications Officer, Swan River Trust, East Perth.

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8M Media and Communications is an integrated media, marketing and management consulting company providing solutions to media and communication issues at an individual and corporate level.