Project 2003/07 Advanced

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Event outline

This course aims to increase your productivity by providing the skills and knowledge to use some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Project 2007 effectively. This includes custom views, filter techniques, templates, exporting data, multiple projects and linked projects.

Key Topics

Project Views

  • Working With Views
  • Combination Views
  • Creating Your Own Views
  • Creating A Combination View
  • Placing Views On The Menu
  • Sharing New Views With Other Projects
  • Project Views Quick Reference

More Tables & Filters

  • Overview Of Tables And Filters
  • Understanding Tables
  • Creating A New Table
  • Using The New Table
  • A Clayton's Table
  • Exploring Filters
  • Creating A Custom Filter
  • More Tables & Filters Quick Reference


  • Templates Overview
  • Examining Existing Templates
  • Creating A New Template
  • Using A Template
  • Modifying A Template
  • Changing The Global Template
  • Removing Items From The Global Template
  • Copying Items Between Projects
  • Templates Quick Reference

Other Applications

  • Exporting Overview
  • Copying To Microsoft Word
  • Copying To Microsoft Excel
  • Linking To Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting To Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting To A Microsoft Excel Pivot Table
  • Other Applications Quick Reference

Reporting Techniques

  • Reporting Techniques Overview
  • Inserting Page Breaks
  • Removing Page Breaks
  • Using Predefined Reports
  • Modifying A Predefined Report
  • Crosstabulation Reports
  • Dissecting A Crosstabulation
  • Creating A Crosstabulation Report
  • Sharing Custom Reports
  • Reporting Techniques Quick Reference

Presenting Projects

  • Overview of Presenting Projects
  • Preparing a Project File to Copy
  • Copying to PowerPoint
  • Presenting Project on the Web
  • Presenting Project Quick Reference

Multiple Files

  • Multiple Files Overview
  • Working With Multiple Files
  • Creating A Workspace
  • Using A Workspace File
  • Hiding Files
  • Unhiding Files
  • Multiple Files Quick Reference

Linked Projects

  • Linked Projects Overview
  • Combining Multiple Projects
  • Using A Combined Project
  • Changing Data In A Combined Project
  • Saving A Combined Project
  • Opening A Combined Project
  • Inserting Projects
  • Breaking Project Links
  • Creating A Read-Only Sub-Project
  • Inserting Task Links
  • Linked Projects Quick Reference

Shared Resources

  • Shared Resources Overview
  • Creating A Common Resource Pool
  • Linking To An External Resource Pool
  • Assigning Resources From A Pool File
  • Working With Shared Resources
  • Checking For Links
  • Managing Shared Resource Files
  • Creating A Resource Workspace
  • Shared Resources Quick Reference

Downsizing A Project

  • Downsizing Overview
  • Examining The Large Project
  • Creating Smaller Projects
  • Creating A Master Project
  • Aligning The Projects
  • Downsizing A Project Quick Reference

Project VBA

  • Project VBA Overview
  • Using Existing Macros
  • Examining The Macro Code
  • Recording Your Own Macro
  • Using The Visual Basic Toolbar
  • Running Your Macro
  • Changing Your Macro
  • Sharing The Macro With Other Projects
  • Project VBA Quick Reference

Skills Gained

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Work with the various views and create custom views
  • Work with the various table and filter techniques
  • Use, create and modify project templates
  • Export data from Project to other applications
  • Work with the predefined reports and create new custom reports
  • Create web pages based on Project data
  • Work with multiple project files simultaneously and create workspaces
  • Work with linked projects
  • Work with shared resources where more than one project uses the same resource pool
  • Successfully break large project files down into more manageable chunks
  • Create and use macros in Project


This course is intended for people who have used or are using Microsoft Project and wish to improve their knowledge and skills in the use of the software. This course is designed for participants with prior experience in using the software.

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