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Event outline

Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced is designed to provide the learner with advanced skills and knowledge in using Microsoft Word. This course focuses on producing longer documents and includes key aspects such as creating a table of contents, indexing, creating cover pages, and more. Training also focuses on document automation through the use of fields, forms, and macros, and also deals with document change tracking and protection.

Key Topics

Page Techniques

  • Inserting a Cover Page
  • Inserting a Blank Cover Page
  • Adding a Watermark
  • Creating a Custom Watermark
  • Removing a Watermark
  • Applying Page Colours
  • Applying Page Borders
  • Applying Partial Page Borders

Saving To PDF

  • Acquiring the Add-in
  • Saving a Document As PDF
  • Viewing a PDF

Merging Techniques

  • Running an Existing Merge
  • Selecting Specific Recipients
  • Filtering Recipients for Merging
  • Sorting Recipients for Merging
  • Merging From another Source
  • Setting an IF Rule
  • Prompting For Information


  • Creating An Organisation Chart
  • Typing Text Using the Text Pane
  • Adding Peers
  • Adding Subordinates
  • Adding an Assistant
  • Promoting and Demoting
  • Switching Right to Left
  • Positioning SmartArt
  • Resizing SmartArt
  • Text Wrapping Around SmartArt
  • Changing the Layout
  • Changing Colours
  • Changing SmartArt Styles
  • Deleting A Shape From SmartArt

Building Blocks

  • Using the Building Blocks Organiser
  • Creating Quick Parts
  • Saving Building Blocks
  • Using Quick Parts
  • Editing Quick Parts
  • Deleting Quick Parts
  • Creating Template Building Blocks
  • AutoText Versus Quick Parts


  • Creating Bookmarks
  • Going to a Bookmark
  • Deleting Bookmarks

Table Of Contents

  • Using a Built In Table Of Contents
  • Navigating Using a Table Of Contents
  • Updating Page Numbers Only
  • Updating The Entire Table
  • Marking a Paragraph For Inclusion
  • Removing a Table of Contents
  • Changing the Style of the Table Of Contents
  • Formatting Text in a Table


  • Understanding Indexing
  • Marking Index Entries
  • Creating An AutoMark File
  • Using an AutoMark File
  • Deleting Unwanted Index Entries
  • Creating an Index


  • Understanding Field Codes
  • Using Document Information Fields
  • Showing and Hiding Field Codes
  • Seeing Fields in A Document
  • Using Formula Fields
  • Converting Fields toText
  • Updating Fields When Printing
  • Printing Field Codes
  • Locking And Unlocking Fields
  • Using Format Switches
  • Useful Field Examples

Interactive Fields

  • Understanding Interactive Fields
  • Using FILLIN
  • Typing Fields Directly Into A Document
  • Activating Interactive Fields
  • Inserting ASK
  • Using REF to Display Bookmarks
  • Activating Fields Automatically

Master Documents

  • Understanding Master Documents
  • Creating A Master Document
  • Creating Subdocuments
  • Working With Master Documents
  • Inserting Subdocuments
  • Formatting A Master Document
  • Editing Subdocuments
  • Building A Table Of Contents
  • Printing A Master Document
  • Why Master Documents Are Misunderstood

Tracking Changes

  • Understanding Tracking Changes
  • Turning Tracking On And Off
  • Setting Tracking Options
  • Showing Revisions In Balloons
  • Showing Revisions Inline
  • Switching Between Final and Revision
  • Specifying What to Show
  • Displaying the Reviewing Pane
  • Accepting Changes
  • Rejecting Changes

Protecting Documents

  • Making a Document Read Only
  • Working with A Read Only Document
  • Restricting Formatting
  • Using a Document Restricting Editing
  • Making Exceptions
  • Stopping Protection

Electronic Forms

  • Creating a Structure For The Form
  • Understanding Content Controls
  • Displaying the Developer Tab
  • Adding Text Controls
  • Setting Content Control Properties
  • Using the Date Picker Control
  • Adding Numeric Controls
  • Adding Formulas
  • Adding a Combo Box
  • Adding a Drop-Down List
  • Protecting and Saving The Form
  • Using an Electronic Form
  • Editing the Form
  • Deleting a Content Control


  • Setting Macro Security
  • Saving a Document As Macro Enabled
  • Recording a Simple Macro
  • Running a Macro
  • Assigning a Macro To The Toolbar
  • Editing a Macro
  • Deleting a Macro
  • Creating a MacroButton Field
  • Copying a Macro
  • Tips for Developing Macros

Inserting From Other Sources

  • Understanding Objects and Importing
  • Inserting Text from Another Document
  • Pasting an Excel Worksheet
  • Linking an Excel Worksheet
  • Embedding an Excel Worksheet
  • Modifying an Embedded Worksheet

Skills Gained

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Use bookmarks to mark and locate text
  • Create tables of content and indexes
  • Create longer, more structured documents using Master Documents and various page techniques
  • Insert data into documents from other sources
  • Automate documents using fields and macros
  • Create smarter merge operations
  • Create complex drawings using SmartArt
  • Collaborate with colleagues and track changes made to documents
  • Protect documents from unauthorized changes
  • Create electronic forms

Target Audience

This course is ideal for people who work in offices, for clubs or charities where there is a requirement to produce more intricate documents.


This training assumes an understanding of Microsoft Word with the skills and knowledge covered in the Essentials level training. It is also important for learners to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system as the learner will be required to start applications, work with and copy files, and locate file folders.

Dates & registration

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