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Event outline

Microsoft Project training course in Perth (2 days – MS Project 2010 & MS Project 2013) is designed to provide skills and knowledge which will allow participants to be able to use Microsoft Project to create a new project, enter and work with tasks and resources, create a schedule, and print effective project information.  The participant also learns skills in Microsoft Project beyond the basics and covers topics such as project scheduling, resource allocation problem solving, entering and tracking costs, Gantt chart printing, and project formatting.

Learning Outcomes for Microsoft Project Training Perth

At the completion of this Microsoft Project training course in Perth, participants will be able to:

  • start MS Project and identify how it works
  • explain some of the key concepts associated with project management microsoft project 2013 training course
  • enter tasks into a project file
  • create relationships between tasks in a project
  • understand and use resource assignment calculations
  • assign resources to tasks using a number of different methods
  • print various aspects of a project
  • use various techniques for leveling over allocation of resources
  • assign material resources in a project
  • assign and track costs within a project
  • apply constraints and deadlines to tasks in a project
  • print various aspects of a project
  • track the progress of a project
  • work more productively with views in MS Project
  • work with tables in MS Project
  • work with some of the features that allow you to control your data
  • format projects to make them more appealing and relevant
  • print data from Gantt Charts in a variety of ways and presentations
  • Creating “S Curves and Histograms” using Excel Pivot Tables from MS Project Data
  • Earned Value, detailed variance analysis including schedule variance and cost variance analysis to baseline
  • run and modify standard reports as well as create your own custom reports
  • work with and create project templates
  • work with and link multiple projects
  • create shared resources for use amongst multiple projects
  • export project data to other applications

Suitable For

The Microsoft Project training course is designed for people who need to manage projects and all elements such as tasks, resources and costs that are associated with projects.

The Microsoft Project training course assumes little or no knowledge of projects or Microsoft Project. It would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.

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