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New 2017 updated course including latest ATO FBT rates and rulings

The common myth is that only senior executives benefit from salary packaging - but nothing could be further from the truth. With the highest demand for skills seen in Australia in over 30 years, salary packaging is an essential tool for maximising the value of remuneration to the employee, while minimising the costs to the employer. This Salary Packaging training course (1 day) provides an intensive briefing on the state of the art in remuneration management for staff at all levels.

Course Content

At the completion of this Salary Packaging training course, participants will understand:

  • Understanding the legislative framework of Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Total employment costing model and industry standards for salary packaging
  • Benefits exempt from tax
  • Employers guide to salary sacrifice superannuation
  • Concessional organisations
  • The complete guide to motor vehicle salary packages
  • Remote areas and relocation benefits
  • Administration options in packaging
  • Examination of example packages
  • The effect on payment summaries and employees overall tax position
  • The Salary Packaging training course utilises learning materials that are packed full of high quality content, step-by-step instructions with visuals and plenty of practice exercises offering exceptional value to the participant.

As part of the Salary Packaging course, students will also be given access to an electronic copy of TaxPayers Australia "Tax Summary 2015 - 2016" for one year. This is an outstanding resource, which will help you to enhance your understanding of Taxation Law, Superannuation, GST, FBT and more.

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