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Creating a Positive Work Environment

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Event outline

Positive workplaces generally produce high performance and exceptional results.

'Creating a positive work environment' is an engaging one day program that identifies the key motivators for people at work. The program introduces participants to proven workplace strategies and leadership, management and supervisory behaviours that produce employee and team engagement.

Participants will leave this program brimming with new ideas and new ways of working that will produce a positive, engaged and motivated workforce.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Leaders and managers who can easily diagnose workplace health and take steps to create a positive environment
  • Increased confidence in managing workplaces and using team and individual creativity to develop- highly motivated workforce
  • Higher performing teams and individuals

Benefits for individuals

  • Confident leaders and managers who engage easily with their people
  • Leaders and managers who readily engage with their people
  • An organisation where attitudes are positive and solutions and not problems are the focus.


By the end of the one day program participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective leadership behaviour
  • Describe the essential ingredients of a positive attitude and demonstrate the process required to achieve the appropriate attitude for the specific occasion.
  • Describe current motivational theory and apply this to the workplace
  • Effectively question and listen to others
  • Describe the elements of motivation and show how leadership, management and team behaviours can greatly influence employee attitudes and workplace climate and performance.
  • Build rapport and create an engaged team.
  • Describe workplace culture and climate and how these can be positive changed and measured
  • Create a positive workplace culture

Training methodology

This is a highly interactive and practical program in which participants will:

  • Discover systems, patterns and techniques that work successfully
  • Apply the learning to their workplace in the form of a plan
  • Establish and analyse their own communication style
  • Present their plans and receive feedback
  • Detail and share a personal work-related issue
  • Record their learning
  • Engage in discussions and team-work with ever changing groups.

Discover it, learn it, practise it, make it your own, then do it for real!

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

AIC provides training under CUATRA2012 in the categories of 'Working in Organisations' and 'Management'. Our programs are guided by four principles: Connection and application to work; Innovative approaches; High activity; Personalised learning.