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Event outline

Many applications for positions fail to be shortlisted for interviews due to applicants’ poor understanding of the recruitment and selection process and how to they can make their applications stand out from those of other applicants.

This one day course provides applicants with an understanding of the selection process and how to present their application, resume and selection criteria in a way that maximizes their prospects of securing an interview for the position.

Recommended for

Every person who is applying for advertised positions and interested in advancing their careers.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Applications are able to be assessed accurately;
  • The best credentialed applicant are selected for interview; and
  • Probity aspects are enhanced.

Benefits for the individual

  • A better understanding of the principles and methods of job selection;
  • Substantially increase their chances for being selected for a vacant position.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to apply job application writing skills to get to the interview including how to:

  • Explain the selection process generally used in the public sector
  • Use easy-to-apply methods and tips to address selection criteria more effectively
  • Get the best out of their referees
  • Write outstanding covering letters
  • Construct a winning résumé to use as the basis for any job application in the public sector.
  • Conduct their own skills self-assessment

Training methodology

This is a highly interactive and practical course in which participants will:

  • learn from real life situations
  • learn how to address selection criteria
  • learn how to select referees and influence reference reports
  • construct a winning resume.

Discover it, learn it, practise it, make it your own, then do it for real!

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

AIC provides training under CUATRA2012 in the categories of 'Working in Organisations' and 'Management'. Our programs are guided by four principles: Connection and application to work; Innovative approaches; High activity; Personalised learning.