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Event outline

How to write in the political context

There is nothing more universal than communication, and the power of good communication is the action it creates. Successful communication is measured not by what our message does to the reader, but what the reader does with our message. Writing to/for a Minister requires exemplary communication skills. Ministerial Writing 2.0.13 is an intensive one day program that develops the necessary concepts of creating documents in the Ministerial context. Participants will learn how to structure documents and follow accepted protocols in creating concise and accurate documents with political sensitivity.

Recommended for

All personnel who may be required to contribute to documents for their Minister.


For the organisation

  • Less wastage due to re-drafting documents.
  • Develop a reputation as an agency that produces complete, precise, timely, concise and well structured documents.

For the individual

  • Set higher professional standards.

Learning outcomes

On completion a participant will be able to:

  • Identify core elements of a ministerial reply
  • Explain the role of ministerial correspondence
  • Better control the key components of writing ministerial correspondence
  • Write plainly
  • Write an effective cover letter or executive summary
  • Write a strong brief to go with the letter for signature
  • Write with more political sensitivity
  • Reduce their writing errors

Training methodology

This is a highly interactive and practical program in which participants will:

  • Discover protocols and techniques that work successfully.
  • Analyse their own writing style.
  • Consider the above in the Ministerial context.
  • Participate in discussions.
  • Draft a number of documents.
  • Get feedback from other participants and the course leader.

We also offer half day courses and can tailor in-house courses for agencies. Please refer to for further information.

Discover it, learn it, practise it, make it your own, then do it for real!

Dates & registration

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Provider information

AIC provides training under CUATRA2012 in the categories of 'Working in Organisations' and 'Management'. Our programs are guided by four principles: Connection and application to work; Innovative approaches; High activity; Personalised learning.