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Event outline

Increasingly, corporate success is determined by the skills of the negotiating parties. This hands-on program acknowledges the simple truth that we all need to manage agreement in our daily lives. Negotiation Skills (One day) develops vital competencies in a wide range of negotiating skills. Participants will learn and practise these skills through a variety of case studies and with different people to build confidence in their negotiating proficiency in different situations.

Recommended for

Managers, team leaders, project managers, or anyone who needs to reach agreement with others on matters of importance.


For the organisation

  • Staff who negotiate professionally; and
  • An approach to planning and performing negotiations that is easily learnt; and
  • An organisation where conflicts and problems are managed positively.

For individuals

  • Confidence to resolve internal and external disputes.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the one day program participants will have:

  • Discovered the principles, stages and techniques of negotiation;
  • Applied questioning techniques
  • Analysed terms of agreement;
  • Learnt how to apply negotiation skills to reach agreement;
  • Examined the importance of researching clients’ needs;
  • Identified preferred negotiation styles;
  • Investigated negotiation strategies and tactics;
  • Investigated how to maintain an on-going relationship;
  • Understood negotiator styles and influence;
  • Planned and conducted up to three different types of negotiation;
  • Learnt how to deal with conflict and deadlocks;
  • Compared their own skills with those of successful negotiators;
  • Experienced non-verbal communication, body language;
  • Learnt how to apply negotiation skills to reach agreement;

Training methodology

This is a highly interactive and practical program in which participants will:

  • Personal negotiating profiles will be established;
  • Extensive and detailed course notes will be provided;
  • A variety of unique cases will be negotiated with different people to ensure a breadth of learning;
  • Simple and practical pocket notes will be provided, which summarise the main planning and interactive skills;
  • Each negotiation is reviewed and assessed against a set of skills by each party to the negotiation;
  • On the last day of the program participants will plan the negotiations brought from their workplaces; and
  • All learning is recorded in a Personal Learning Journal;
  • This negotiation will be simulated with other participants on the program – who will provide feedback.

Course details

Public courses - we also offer half day courses. please see for dates and fees.

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Provider information

AIC provides training under CUATRA2012 in the categories of 'Working in Organisations' and 'Management'. Our programs are guided by four principles: Connection and application to work; Innovative approaches; High activity; Personalised learning.