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Event outline

How to make memorable presentations

Course overview

We all have to make presentations in our lives in one form or another. They may be simple and straightforward or long and complex. Whichever the case, the two fundamental objectives in making business presentations are that our audience both remembers and understands what we present. Presentation Skills is an active and practical one day program that develops vital competencies in this essential corporate skill. By participating in two experiments participants will discover precisely which elements the audience remembers and understands. Having discovered these elements participants then progressively build them into their presentations. Participants will be able to demonstrate the principles and techniques of professional presentations and confidently demonstrate advanced presentation skills through effective and interesting impromptu and prepared presentations for a variety of audience types, sizes and themes.

Recommended for

Managers, team leaders, project managers or anyone else whose job includes making presentations at work whether they be formal or informal.


For the organisation

  • Staff who make clear, memorable presentations thereby enhancing corporate communication
  • Staff who engage their audiences with confidence.

For individuals

  • Confidence in one’s ability to make memorable presentations
  • A proven system to prepare and deliver presentations
  • The ability to critique oneself and then improve.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the two day program participants will have:

  • Describe the principles and techniques of professional presentations and confidently demonstrate effective and interesting impromptu and prepared presentations.
  • Design a presentation: content; structure
  • Develop a dynamic speaking delivery style
  • Go beyond PowerPoint to influence, engage and get their message across
  • Develop skills practice
  • Use narrative to connect for a memorable message
  • Manage nerves, create confidence and a resourceful state
  • Explore current best practice in design of slides and use of PowerPoint
  • Handle questions and objections with confidence and flair
  • Learn tools to effectively manage meetings with a range of stakeholders and interpersonal factors

Training methodology

This is a highly interactive and practical program in which participants will:

  • Carry out at least two different presentations;/li>
  • Gradually build up planning and presentation skills; and/li>
  • Have each presentation video-taped, reviewed and assessed;/li>
  • Record all learning in a Personal Learning Journal./li>
  • Have assessments plotted on a graph to compare self-perception with the perceptions of others;

Course details

In addition to this one day course we also offer a half and a two day course. Please refer to our website at for details of dates and fees.

Discover it, learn it, practise it, make it your own, then do it for real!

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Provider information

AIC provides training under CUATRA2012 in the categories of 'Working in Organisations' and 'Management'. Our programs are guided by four principles: Connection and application to work; Innovative approaches; High activity; Personalised learning.