Presenting with Impact

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Event outline


During this course, participants will gain the knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively when delivering a presentation.

This course will provide participants with various techniques to ensure that presentations are professional, effective, and powerful. Many tools will be provided to increase confidence and communicative power to meet presentation outcomes.



  • Your personal objectives
  • What works?
  • Which approach to use?

Planning a presentation

  • Clarifying the purpose and outcomes
  • Audience needs and expectations
  • Selecting and organising your material
  • Presentation strategies
  • Presentation tools
  • Effectively using PowerPoint
  • Putting it all together
  • Additional preparations

During the presentation

  • Connecting with your audience
  • Dealing with the unexpected
  • Making nerves your ally

Perfecting your plan

  • Giving your presentation
  • Self-assessment

After the presentation

  • Techniques for obtaining feedback
  • Using feedback to make improvements

What's next?

  • Personalised action plan for future presentations
  • Additional resources

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the principles and techniques of professional presentations and confidently demonstrate effective and interesting impromptu and prepared presentations
  • Design a presentation: content; structure
  • Use narrative to connect for a memorable message
  • Learn tools to effectively manage meetings with a range of stakeholders and interpersonal factors
  • Explore current best practice in design of slides and use of PowerPoint
  • Go beyond PowerPoint to influence, engage and get their message across
  • Handle questions and objections with confidence and flair
  • Manage nerves; create confidence and a resourceful state
  • Develop a dynamic speaking delivery style
  • Develop skills practice
  • Use feedback to improve your presentation style and your presentations
  • Areas for self-improvement


This course requires no previous training or experience.

Course duration

2 days

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

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