Risk Management

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Event outline


Participants will build their skills and knowledge in managing risk, both as an integral part of project management and for wider applications.

The course provides a structured process for identifying, analysing, assessing, managing/mitigating and monitoring all types of risk. Participants will be introduced to a range of models and control mechanisms.



  • Setting the context
  • What is risk management?
  • How does risk impact business operations?

Risk management in context

  • Legal aspects of risk
  • Outsourcing risk
  • Joint Ventures and partnerships
  • Offsetting risk through contractual arrangements and insurance
  • Project Risk Management Plans

Risk identification, analysis, assessment and monitoring

  • Risk assessment
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Risk prioritisation and intervention
  • The project Risk Register

Types of risk

  • Occupational Safety & Health risks
  • Economic risk
  • Political risk
  • Social/Community factors
  • Financial and currency risks
  • Geographic/Environmental factors
  • Human Resource factors
  • Competitor/market risk
  • Technology factors

Risk management models and their use

  • Risk management models
  • Macro & micro view of the project environment
  • The Risk Matrix

What's next?

  • Action planning
  • Additional resources

Learning outcomes

  • Understand and apply the fundamental steps of an effective risk management methodology
  • Identify, analyse and assess risk
  • Manage and monitor risk
  • Describe different types of risk
  • Understand risk management models and their appropriate use
  • Develop a Risk Management Plan.


This program requires no previous experience or training.

Course duration

1 day

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

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