Stakeholder Engagement

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Event outline


Stakeholder engagement is the process by which an organisation involves the people who may be affected by the decisions it makes or can influence the implementation of its decisions. They may support or oppose the decisions, be influential in the organisation or within the community in which it operates, holds relevant official positions or be affected in the long term.

Course Content


  • What is a Stakeholder?
  • What is stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder needs

  • Identify community/stakeholder needs and differences
  • Clarify regulator boundaries
  • Identify Stakeholders


  • Describe the process and principles of Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Plan effective programs
  • Anticipate the potential impacts of action
  • Tools used to engage stakeholders
  • Correct dialogue
  • Involvement not to inform
  • Difference between engagement and communication


  • Development of a framework
  • Develop risk/benefit assessment skills – how to ascertain current and potential community and stakeholder concerns
  • Construct a methodology  to identify potential costs, benefits and impacts
  • Formulate a community engagement timeline and implementation plan
  • Align business practices and expectations


  • Document the information and correspondence
  • Evaluate the outcomes
  • Undertake internal skills assessments to establish available skill sets to assist implementation
  • Utilise communication, facilitation and dispute resolution tools to encourage participation while avoiding disputes.

Putting it into practice

  • Action planning

Learning outcomes

  • Define Stakeholder Engagement
  • Define Community/Stakeholder needs and differences
  • Understand how to engage Stakeholders
  • Determine appropriate processes and tools to incorporate for community engagement by examining objectives, stakeholders and resources
  • Understand how to formulate a timeline and implementation plan
  • Improve their decision making and accountability
  • Understand the underlying principle that Stakeholders can influence the decision making process


This course is best for Supervisors, Managers or process owners involved in stakeholder engagement

Course duration

1 day

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