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Creating the Organisation of Your Dreams

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Event outline

If you were to design the best organisation on earth to work for, what would it look like? This intriguing question is answered after three years of research with hundreds of executives and organisations by two of the most influential leadership and culture experts of the past two decades. Professor Rob Goffee and Professor Gareth Jones have brought us their best selling works ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led by YOU?’ and ‘Leading Clever People’. Now they bring us the organisation of your dreams – in a nutshell, such an organisation is where:

  • Individual differences are nurtured
  • Information is not suppressed or spun
  • The organisation adds value to employees rather than merely extracting it from them
  • The organisation stands for something meaningful
  • The work is intrinsically rewarding
  • There are no stupid rules

In their previous research, Professors Goffee and Jones explored the complexities of authentic leadership. This latest study examines the notion of the authentic organisation – recognising that authentic leadership cannot survive in an organisation that lacks this essential cultural characteristic. During this seminar, our two expert presenters will translate their research findings into practical advice to help you move your organisation closer to this ideal state. Thus helping you release the full talents and engagement of your people.

Plan for the day

The journey begins with an assessment of where the participant’s organisations are, where they might need to go, how their own leadership can help them get there and what the destination might look like…the organisation of your dreams.

1. Where are you? Exploring corporate culture and social architecture

In this opening session we will examine the role of organisational culture as a source of sustainable competitive advantage, in a world where traditional sources like technology can be copied and exceeded ever more quickly. Participants will be introduced to the model of social architecture and will have the opportunity to place their own culture and consider their prospects for change.

2. Why leadership matters – personal and organisational challenges

This session shows how leadership behaviours can be a vehicle for change. A set of distinctive leadership attributes are reviewed which stem from three fundamental axioms: leadership is non-hierarchical; relational; and situational. Participants will discuss their personal and organisational leadership challenges; and the critical issue of building a robust leadership pipeline.

3. The new agenda: creating the organisation of your dreams

In the light of depressing data from around the world on employee engagement the challenge of creating the organisation of your dreams is more pressing than ever. In this session we outline the six characteristics of authentic organisations and show how some organisations – public and private – are addressing the issues

4. The way forward: fulfilling your dreams

In the final session, participants are asked to assess where they work against the dimensions of the dream organisation – and where they must make their biggest effort. You will leave with answers to two questions: Why should anyone be led by you? And why should anyone work here?

Who Will Benefit?

Authentic leaders and executives, line managers, human resource professionals and others who want to build a better organisation for themselves and for their employees. Participants may come from both the Public and Private Sectors and from any industry.

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