Photography Basic

North Metropolitan TAFE (Short Courses)

Event outline

Get the most out of your digital camera

Learn the fundamentals of using a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. This short course demonstrates the advantages of using a DSLR in manual mode thus harnessing the creative potential of the camera.

The course is a blend of:

  • Helpful theory in easy to understand formats.
  • Clear demonstrations of how to put the theory into practice.
  • Practical activities, including a shoot on location.
  • Ample opportunities for questions and further clarification.
  • Lecturers who are keen to assist you with taking your photography to the next level.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Getting to know your DSLR camera and how they work
  • History of photography
  • How to control the camera using manual modes
  • Shutter speed, aperture & ISO controls, focusing, light meter
  • Understanding exposure
  • Choosing the right lens for the job
  • How to best use light: ambient and flash
  • Qualities of light, composition, when to shoot
  • Photographing your family, friends, babies and toddlers
  • Shooting flowers and other close-ups
  • Portraiture made easy
  • Travel photography, landscapes, cityscapes and other scapes
  • File formats – convenience versus quality
  • Making the most of your photos - sharing, printing, books and the wall
  • How to choose imaging software and the digital workflow
  • Constructive feedback – student image reviews

Course requirements:

  • You will need to have a DSLR camera or digital compact camera with manual shutter speed, aperture and ISO controls.

For this course, you will need to bring:

  • Your DSLR camera or digital compact camera with manual shutter speed, aperture and ISO controls
  • Pen & notepad

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Provider information

North Metropolitan TAFE (Short Courses) offers creative short courses in areas including: art & design, fashion & jewellery, music & media and photography. We also offer customised courses for Personal Development and Corporate Team Bonding.