CTE Teacher in Residence - Mark Miller - Setting the Scene for Academic Leadership – Workshop 3

Central Institute of Technology

Event outline

It is with great excitement that the Centre for Training Excellence announces the returned visit of our Teacher in Residence – Mark Miller – specialist in Differentiated Instruction from Toronto. The Centre for Training Excellence (CTE) has requested Mark facilitate a series of workshops around the following themes:

  • Assessment as/ for Learning
  • Academic Leadership
  • Differentiation and Technology

As part of the above themes, mini workshops will be developed as contained conversations. If someone wishes to attend all the workshops, they will receive a more robust understanding of the concept and practical applications, but it is not a necessity. Each workshop is a stand-alone experience. Each workshop is constructed to allow the participant to reflect on their own practice and approach the topic through their own interpretation of the information provided.

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Mini Workshop # 3: 6 Cs for the Education future & how they apply to Central’s context?

The core of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century does not exist behind a keyboard or a piece of software, but in the role and scope of how Education will shape our students’ future.  The role of the six Cs of 21st Century competency will be discussed through the lens of Central’s educational goals and values, and participants will discover where they fit and ultimately where they see their next steps in their role as an educational leader.

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