Trust, activism and outrage

Event outline

Trust, activism & outrage will explore how the public decides whether to trust an organisation, and what to do when it doesn’t.

It will equip participants with an understanding of the theory and science behind risk perception, and practical ways to build constructive stakeholder relationships. Particular attention is paid to the Western Australian context including examination of local case studies and the regulatory and political environment.

The workshop is relevant to organisations with projects at all phases from pre-feasibility through to final investment decision, operations and closure; or any organisation that engages the public on technically complex and/or contentious issues.

The workshop will be presented by Collaborate West Managing Director Paul McLeod, who has more than 20 years of professional experience managing complex, emotive and controversial issues. Paul has consulted to many prominent Australian and multi-national companies, as well as government bodies, to build positive stakeholder relations and project certainty. Paul has a deep understanding of strategic communications in government, having held senior external affairs positions in a number of agencies including five years as Public Affairs and Media Relations Manager at the Department of Environment.

Registration forms are available online at the Collaborate West website ( or by emailing Paul McLeod (

Dates & registration

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