Courageous Leadership (Perth)

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As leadership attributes go, courage is one of the big ones. It comes from facing and overcoming fear and being courageous in the face of uncertainty. Many leaders lack the courage to break free from the fear that is holding them back from reaching their full potential as a leader. To be a courageous leader, you need to make the unpopular decisions, challenge the status quo, be honest and take the calculated risks that others won’t. Where others may be afraid to challenge what is considered the norm or status quo, the courageous leader has the awareness and experience and confidence to speak up and question the norm.


  1. What is Courage
  2. How To Develop Courage In Your Leadership
  3. Making Courageous Decisions
  4. How to build self-confidence in your capabilities as a leader
  5. Dealing with Fear and Being a More Courageous Leader
  6. Get In The Habit Of Being Courageous
  7. The Introvert as Leader


After this workshop you will be better equipped to:

  • Identify areas for further development and growth
  • Put actions in place to extend and move you towards your goals
  • Identify rules and affirmations
  • Identify areas in your life to take more responsibility
  • Establish who you need to help you develop a more courageous team
  • Understand the sources and triggers of fear as managers and leaders
  • Develop strategies to help be more courageous in your leadership

This workshop aims to provide managers and leaders with the knowledge and understanding around the sources of fear and strategies to be more courageous and effective leaders.

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Professional training and coaching in the area of Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, and Presentation Skills For Leaders. Enables leaders and emerging leaders to communicate and present with confidence and effectiveness to maximise their impact.