Design thinking in government - an introduction

Enkel Collective

Event outline

Innovation has never been more important than it is in today's rapidly changing world. Keeping pace with changes requires a shift in approaches and new ways of looking at things. Design thinking has long been used in the industrial world to create products and it now beginning to gain traction as an important methodology for creatively solving challenges and problems while placing people at the heart of the solution.

In this brief but focussed mini-workshop, the enkel team will give you insights into global trends where design thinking has been used to design innovative government policies and deliver unique services that ensures community remains first and foremost at the center of ideas and solutions.

Adam Jorlen is enkel's resident futurist who will scan the global horizon and provide tantalising glimpses of how governments around the world are already using design thinking. Stephanie Yoong is an expert on human-centred design thinking. She will use her extensive background in science and education to bring to life design thinking applications for delivery of government services.

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The enkel collective is a member-based cooperative with a social focus. We provide educational courses on innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, creative thinking, ideation processes, systemic innovation and changemaking.