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Local government in the 21st century: creating resilient and empowered communities

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Today local councils run public community consultations in workshops and online to get citizen input. In other parts of Australia and abroad, we start to see innovative approaches to such "crowdsourcing" of the future of local communities. Several Australian councils are for example trying participatory budgeting, where citizens have their say more exactly where rates and taxes should be allocated. But there is much more that local government can do, which we will show in this workshop.

In the workshop, we will explore how local government can help communities by becoming a partner city across a few themes:

The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption or peer-to-peer-based sharing, is a concept that highlights the ability -- and perhaps the preference -- of individuals to rent or borrow goods rather than buy and own them.

Localisation of our Economy

There are many environmental and social problems with globalisation. Local, circular economies can solve many of these problems. Local production of goods and services is increasingly seen in initiatives such as makerspaces, urban farms, local energy microgrids etc.

A Commons Transition

The "commons" is a way to describe shared, material or immaterial property that is stewarded, protected or produced by a community – in an urban context often by citizens’ collectives – and managed according to the rules and standards of that community. It is fundamentally distinct from state bodies – government, city, state – but also from market actors.

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The enkel collective is a member-based cooperative with a social focus. We provide educational courses on innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, creative thinking, ideation processes, systemic innovation and changemaking.