Facilitate Cultural Security: Training and Immersive Experience

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People's ethic background, personal faith and cultural identity can have a profound impact on their perspectives, life experience and service needs.

The term ‘Cultural safety’ was first defined by NZ Maori nurses:

“An environment that is safe for people: where there is no assault, challenge or denial of their identity, of who they are and what they need. It is about shared respect, shared meaning, shared knowledge and experience, of learning, living and working together with dignity and truly listening.”

The ability to facilitate the cultural security of others is a crucial skill for anyone working with diverse people, especially those in the health, community or education sectors.

Beyond simple "cultural awareness" this unique course is the first step to developing a safe, nurturing and positive environment where people are comfortable with being themselves, expressing their culture, their spiritual and belief systems, and they are supported.

This unique two part program consists of an informative training day and an immersive simulation, which will provide participants with profound insight from experiencing the closest thing to lived experience of cultural alienation.

Significant discounts apply for those attending both days, but you can attend either:

DAY ONE: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Intercultural understanding is all about genuine empathy. That’s why the most powerful communicators are always those who can truly understand other perspectives and appreciate another’s point of view.

So is it any wonder that such a crucial life skills are best developed through experiential learning, rather than traditional teaching?

While nothing will ever fully replicate lived experience, this creative experiential approach has a unique capacity to breathe life into previously abstract concepts and genuinely replicate aspects of intercultural challenges.

Participants will become Immersed in an intriguing world of interplanetary negotiations as they face a galaxy of surprising twists and turns.

Each person will find themselves a member of a new “planet” with its own unique customs, beliefs, industries and needs. After exploring their own cultural heritage, traditions and laws, they must face negotiations with unknown alien cultures, in order to survive.

While open to all, this simulation day is ideal for professional communicators and service providers who want to refine and deepen their relationships and develop a more nuanced and potent people handling skills.

Available in its own right or as part of the two day program, this experience will make the training course far more meaningful.

DAY TWO: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


This practical and revealing course looks at the spectrum of cultural capacities:

Cultural awareness > Cultural sensitivity > Cultural competence > Cultural safety

It explores types of cultural diversity and its impacts for the workplace, including diverse beliefs and attitudes to the services we may be providing.

We explore the ethnocentrism and cultural bias we all hold and how this can be "bracketed" in the interests of culturally responsive services.

This course also provides tools and resources in areas such as:

  • Accessing culturally-specific information
  • Providing accessible information
  • Links between culture and health
  • Recognising unconscious bias and avoiding discrimination
  • Culturally-tailoring existing services

Each course includes:

  • engaging, up to date materials
  • take home reference package with templates and free on-line resources
  • all day catering and beverages - with dietary needs catered for
  • post-course contacts for help and advice
  • certificate of attendance

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