Corporate Governance Forum

Governance Institute of Australia

Event outline

In a bright new era in governance and risk management, Corporate Governance Forum is the place where thought leaders gather to discuss the key issues confronting the industry.

How do you govern an organisation in such dynamic times - let alone govern it well? In this highly relevant program filled with actionable approaches, we will pose questions and come to solutions together, recognising the growing strategic importance of governance and risk management today.

Network with experts and like-minded professionals, collectively driving the profession with fresh perspectives and new ideas. Gain insights and expertise that can be immediately implemented. Identify the strategies, frameworks, policies, systems and tools to grow and seize opportunities, tomorrow and into the future.

Governance Institute's Corporate Governance Forum is a not-to-be-missed event for forward thinkers interested in driving responsible performance across their organisation.

This new era in corporate governance moves away from the traditional linear thinking and planning. We live in times where organic growth, adaptability and a reflexive approach to corporate governance and risk management will thrive. This emergence of a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to governance champions anticipation over reaction. Set the standard with Corporate Governance Forum.

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The Governance Institute of Australia is the peak body for over 7,000 governance and risk professionals. It is the leading independent authority on best practice in board and organisational governance and risk management.