Cyber Security and the Evolving Role of Boards

Governance Institute of Australia

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From Providing Oversight to Setting an Example

Given the heightened level of cyber threats in these times, boards and senior management must do more than provide oversight of an organisation’s information security. They have an opportunity to set an example of security best practices from the top.

No threat poses more danger than a cyberattack, which could result in a data breach or compromising sensitive information. All organizations must provide board members with a secure way to share and communicate about critically sensitive information. In order to prevent careless oversharing, this information should never be sent via email. Board members must have a thorough understanding of cloud and privately hosted data services. Although these solutions provide an easy way to upload and download files, many have been successfully hacked, compromising private files and email addresses.

In the seminar, Al Percival will share with you the best practices and guidelines that help executive teams to protect sensitive board-level information.

This seminar will cover;

  • The Evolving role of the boards and the board engagement in overseeing the security in communications and information sharing
  • Equipping the board to evaluate board security including Cyber Security
  • How to ensure the board has the skills and knowledge to evaluate cyber-security threat
  • Crisis Management - How do you keep the board engaged in a corporate crisis or cyber-attack?

Presented by:
Al Percival Managing Director, Asia Pacific Diligent Corporation

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