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Many individuals accept election to positions as directors and other officers of not-for-profit (NFP) organisations - ranging from the local weekend sporting club to substantial benevolent/charitable or community advancement organisations of one type or another. Generally, individuals accept these positions out of a desire to contribute to a particular cause and, in many cases, with little or no knowledge of the legal and fiduciary responsibilities required to fulfill their roles. In particular, there is a lack of understanding of the fact that these responsibilities carry with them personal liabilities for anything that may go wrong.

In this two part workshop, School Governance will examine the key duties and principles including legal and fiduciary responsibilities and how to develop skills in running effective school boards.

School Governance: Essentials
Identify the key governance issues using a practical case-study approach. This course will address:

  • What is school governance?
  • What are the key elements of school governance?
  • Why is school governance important?
  • Current topical issues in school governance

School Governance: Board Member Duties
Building on the foundations of School Governance Essentials, this course helps a "responsible person" to develop skills in governance at a school level. Using a practical case-study approach this course will address:

  • Who is a responsible person and what are their duties?
  • Examples of common conflicts of interest, and how to deal with them
  • Importance and responsibilities of a board secrets
  • Key responsibilities of financial reporting
  • Risk management

Who should attend?
Suitable for directors, board secretaries, public officers, senior managers and other governance practitioners of schools.

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The Governance Institute of Australia is the peak body for over 7,000 governance and risk professionals. It is the leading independent authority on best practice in board and organisational governance and risk management.