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Classification and Indexing of Business Records

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Event outline

This full day course provides you with an understanding of how classification and indexing are an integral part of the Records Management Programme. In this course you will learn about the different methods of classification which can be applied to records. The course focuses on the Function Activity classification method advocated in the AS ISO 15489 Records Management Standard and you will have an opportunity to use Keyword AAA the classification tool used by State Government agencies in Western Australia.

Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd is licensed by the New South Wales State Records Authority to use KAAA within our Classification and Indexing of Business Records training course.

This course will cover:

  • What is records classification and why is applied to business records?
  • What records classification systems are available to group records together?
  • Why your organisation’s business terms need to be controlled;
  • Principles of Function Activity classification, what it is and how do you use it;
  • Indexing – the key to finding documents; and
  • Metadata – what does it all mean?

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand how classification and indexing play an important role with records management
  • Describe the purpose and benefits of classifying records.
  • Describe the different records classification schemes that may be used.
  • Describe the benefits associated with classifying records by business functions and activities.
  • Use the Keyword AAA thesaurus and understand how its components relate; and
  • Index correspondence using the Keyword AAA and apply metadata/indexing terms.

At the end of the course you will have:

  • Tools to help you understand Function Activity classification;
  • Had an opportunity to navigate through the Keyword AAA thesaurus;
  • Examples of correctly indexed correspondence; and
  • Gained some Tips and Tricks for successful classification and indexing

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Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) are specialists in Records and Information Management. We provide a range of training opportunities to public sector employees.