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Disaster Preparedness for Records Managers

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Manmade and natural disasters are an ongoing threat to organisations and individuals. Recently parts of Australia have experienced a variety of disasters. Lives, homes and businesses have been devastated or damaged. The recovery efforts have been  prolonged and difficult.

The loss of information through these natural or manmade disasters has compromised and inconvenienced organisations and the people who work in them or rely on their services. There have been instances of people and organisations being put at risk. These events have served to remind us of the critical importance of business continuity planning and disaster preparedness.

How do you plan and prepare for a disaster or an emergency situation striking your organisation? What do you need to do to ensure that the information essential to the survival of the organisation is available quickly?

This course has been designed to assist you to hone your knowledge and skills in developing a disaster preparedness plan. In addition to providing background information on the value and importance of disaster preparedness, this course will also include a wide range of hints and tips to help you write a clear and practical disaster plan. There will also be a consideration and analysis of disasters that could affect records, and the risks associated with them.

The course makes use of presentations and discussions and individual and group activities.

This course will cover:

  • The disasters that could affect records;
  • Business continuity, risk management and disaster preparedness;
  • Assessing risks to records;
  • Identifying vital information, knowledge and records; and
  • Preparing a disaster plan.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the value and importance of disaster preparedness;
  • Identify the different types of disasters that could affect records, information and knowledge in organisations;
  • Understand the relationships between business continuity, risk management and disaster preparedness;
  • Identify vital information, knowledge and records in your organisation; and
  • Understand and apply techniques for developing a disaster plan for your organisation.

At the end of this course you will have:

  • A methodology to develop a disaster preparedness plan;
  • Tools which can be used to assist in the development and maintenance of the plan; and
  • Tools to assist you in identifying vital information, knowledge and records in your organisation.


Dr Janine Douglas
B App Sci (Info& Library Studies), Grad Dip Policy Science, MA (Future Studies), PhD

Dr Janine Douglas joined Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd as Associate Consultant after more than 20 years in the Western Australian Public Sector. During her time working in government agencies Janine developed specialist skills in strategic planning, policy development and service options for information and knowledge management. She also  held senior management positions in the areas of policy, planning and evaluation.

During the course of her career Janine served on various professional bodies, and she was also Chair of the Information Sciences Consultative Committee at Edith Cowan University for more than five years. Currently, Janine is a member of Standards Australia's subcommittee on records management compliance, and a member of the Institute of Information Management's WA Branch Committee. As a complement to her experience in working with information governance and risk management issues, Janine has completed Northumbria University's Information Governance and Security Program.


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