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Metadata and System Design for Information Governance

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Event outline

Metadata is fundamental to information governance. It is used to identify, describe, organize, sort, filter, search, validate, utilize, migrate, preserve and dispose of information assets. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to build better systems - bringing metadata under control; standardising metadata for sharing and interoperability; enriching metadata for improved information governance; designing metadata models that support mapping and intelligent data capture.

This one-day workshop addresses metadata, standards and data modelling techniques essential for good system design in eCM, Sharepoint and business systems. It will be presented by Conni Christensen and Trish Wichman of the Synercon Group. Both trainers are skilled information governance specialists.

Who should attend:

Information professionals involved with designing information systems.

Solution architects.
Business analysts.
Recordkeeping regulators.
System designers.
Sharepoint developers.
Web developers.

This course will cover:

Developing Metadata

  • Defining metadata requirements
  • Understanding how metadata is used and its context
  • Constructing metadata for different purposes
  • Granularity

Standardising Metadata

  • The importance of standards
  • working with different types of metadata standards
  • Defining best practice
  • Constructing a standards based metadata registry
  • Enabling interoperability

System Design and Data Modelling

  • The need for system design
  • The purpose of data modelling
  • Constructing entity relationship models; conceptual models; logical models and physical models
  • Fitting governance by design into business systems

Interoperability, Mapping and Migration

  • Preventing metadata loss during migration
  • Creating crosswalks to support data exchange
  • Building machine readable exchange formats

Course Format:

Classroom based and instructor led. Exercises will be used to develop skills and reinforce methodologies.  Comprehensive training manuals and resources will be provided to each participant.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) are specialists in Records and Information Management. We provide a range of training opportunities to public sector employees.