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Retention and Disposal of Business Records

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Event outline

The Retention and Disposal of business records may be viewed as the “Cinderella” of a Records Management Programme, as inactive records are often ignored or forgotten and may be hidden away for years before anyone takes notice of them. In this one day course you will learn just how important it is to have an effective Retention and Disposal Programme in place, not only to dispose of those inactive records, but also to protect your organisation and save money.

Learn how legislation and the value of the record combine to determine a record’s retention period, how that retention period is assigned and documented in a Retention and Disposal Schedule. You will also have the opportunity to view storage solutions for records and what to look for when selecting long term records storage options

This course will cover:

  • What is a Retention and Disposal Programme?
  • The elements of a Retention and Disposal Programme;
  • Discuss the value of records;
  • Identify legislation that affects records and record keeping;
  • Discuss the importance of record appraisal;
  • How and when to apply a Retention and Disposal Schedule;
  • Archiving and Storage Options;
  • Disposal options and methods.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the values assigned to records;
  • Identify legislation which impacts on record retention;
  • Define the terms “retention” and “appraisal”;
  • Describe what the "retention and disposal" process is within records management;
  • Use a Retention and Disposal Schedule.

At the end of this course you will have:

  • A list of links to access legislation;
  • Had the opportunity to use a Retention and Disposal Schedule;
  • A list of questions to assess the value of records; and
  • A Checklist for storage and disposal options.

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