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HP Records Manager Administration & Configuration (HP.RM300)

Information Proficiency

Event outline

Course Description

This course is aimed at those who are responsible for setting up and/or maintaining HP Records Manager (HPRM) software as a working system including locations, security, record types, and classifications. The course equips designated HPRM Business Administrators with the understanding required to plan and design a system to meet their enterprise needs.


Midland, Western Australia

Intended Audience

This course is intended for those users who are responsible for the setup and initial design of HPRM. This includes, but is not limited to, Records Managers, senior business staff, Power Users, and/or core project team members.


2 Days


  • Successful completion of HP.RM200 or equivalent experience (6 months or more using HPRM and/or HP TRIM in a professional environment)
  • Knowledge of records management principles and internal business processes
  • Basic knowledge of and comfort working with software; including simple keyboard and mouse skills, as well as knowledge of MS Office and other Windows-based programs

While there will be some technical discussion throughout the course, a strong technical aptitude or background is not required.

Course Content

  • Setting up HPRM security
  • Setting up HPRM locations
  • Setting up additional fields
  • Setting up and maintaining retention schedules
  • Designing and using a thesaurus and classification system (record plan)
  • Setting up record types
  • Setting up and maintaining action tracking
  • Designing and using HPRM reports
  • HPRM administrative options

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Provider information

Information Proficiency provides HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) solutions to state and local government and private sector organisations including training courses and workshops.