HP Records Manager Technical Implementation & Maintenance Training (HP.RM500)

Information Proficiency

Event outline

This course provides the essential knowledge to enable participants to install and maintain HP Records Manager (HPRM) software, including considerations for configuring and managing the HPRM technical environment.

This course is designed for technical staff planning to implement and/or support the HPRM implementation.


Successful completion of HP.RM200, HP.RM300, or equivalent experience (6 months or more using HPRM and/or HP TRIM in a professional environment).

This course requires knowledge of:

  • Windows Server and desktop operating systems
  • Adding users to local groups
  • Understanding of local security policies & firewalls
  • Active Directory / creating and administrating users and groups
  • Network architecture and common software deployment tools
  • Creating and modifying share permissions
  • Understanding of network permissions and communications
  • Database management and connectivity
  • Creating a new database and understanding of administration
  • Office productivity suites, including e-mail systems (e.g., MS Office/Outlook).

Course Content:

  • The HPRM application
  • Architecture design & considerations
    • Server, data and client tiers, & network architecture
  • Installing & configuring HPRM
    • Server installation & configuration, data storage considerations, client deployment options
  • Ongoing management & troubleshooting
    • Data tier administration, logging, retention and disposal concepts
  • Upgrading HPRM
    • Database, server and client upgrades
    • Interactive and automatic methods
  • HPRM administrative Tools
    • Import/export, integration options, bar-coding, scanning

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

Information Proficiency provides HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) solutions to state and local government and private sector organisations including training courses and workshops.