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2019 Reid Oration: What ever happened to political reform? | With the Hon. Geoff Gallop AC FIPAA

Institute of Public Administration Australia WA

Event outline

Since the great rebellion of the 1960s there’s been significant changes to the rules, institutions and policies that govern our economy. We’ve witnessed the destruction of the Australian Settlement that came with the Constitution.

However, the 1980s attempt to incorporate rights into the Constitution failed, as did the 1999 referendum on an Australian Republic and the COAG Reform Agenda of the 2000s. Indigenous recognition is on the table for consideration but not yet for decision. Add to all of that continuing resistance to the establishment of a National Corruption Commission and growing power to the executive arm of government more generally.

Is all of this resistance a reflection of the “state of the nation” from which there is no escape? Does it mean that the radical aspirations of the 1960s are all but dead and confined to our universities?


Prof. Shamit Saggar CBE FAcSS
Director, UWA Public Policy Institute

Keynote Speaker

The Hon. Geoff Gallop AC FIPAA
Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney

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