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Behavioural insights for Young Professionals

Institute of Public Administration Australia WA

Event outline

Learn one of the top 5 skills you will need for the government jobs of tomorrow

This free event is co-hosted by IPAA WA's Young Professional Advisory Committee (YPAC) and the WA Public Sector Reform team.

Behavioural insights (BI) teams across the globe have been using techniques from several behavioural and social science disciplines to enhance citizen policy design and services. These approaches are usually supported with rigorous trials to test what works in a given context.

Delivered by Dr Kim Louw, this session is targeted to young professionals and will give you a rundown on the history of BI, when it is useful (and conversely when it is not!), and how to add these tools to your policy-making toolkit.

With BI considered one of the top 5 skills you’ll need for the government jobs of tomorrow, this is a professional development opportunity not to be missed!

Dr Kim Louw
Senior Behavioural Advisor
NSW Behavioural Insights Unit

Dr Louw is the Senior Behavioural Advisor in the NSW Behavioural Insights Unit, and holds a PhD in organisational psychology from the University of Western Australia.

Established in 2012, the NSW BI Unit was the first BI team deployed in a central government agency in Australia and made Apolitical’s top 20 list of public service teams world-wide in 2018.

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