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IPAA WA brings a Singaporean digital government specialist to Western Australia.

‘More-with-less’, ‘anywhere-anytime’ these are just two of the many promises of digital government.  At a deeper level the OECD highlights the potential for a truly digital approach to government to be “a strategic driver to create open, innovative, participatory and trustworthy public sectors, to improve social inclusiveness and government accountability”.

Digital transformation in many large organisations has proven to be tough. Key challenges include breaking down silos, overcoming legal barriers, fixing mindsets and internal conventions. Negotiating technological change on the scale of the government is especially difficult.

As Western Australia’s public sector moves toward a digital future under the guidance of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, this session is an opportunity to hear from our Singaporean keynote speaker as to how that country is overcoming the challenges and leading the charge to a seamless, whole-of-government digital experience.

About the speaker
Zaqy Mohamad has as a Singaporean parliamentarian of 11 years been involved in key governance roles in that country’s move to digital government service delivery. As a partner at advisory firm EY he has observed the development of digital government initiatives across the ASEAN region and his insights are supported by a sound technical knowledge with qualifications in Master of Science, Financial Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical, and Electronic Engineering.

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