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Murdoch University - Chatham House Symposium on Antimicrobial Resistance

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Event outline

Murdoch University, in partnership with the Centre on Global Health Security at Chatham House, invite you to join us and our distinguished international and Australian keynote presenters for an international symposium on antimicrobial resistance. Confirmed keynote speakers include Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan, Vice President Research and Policy at the Public Health Foundation of India, and Professor David Heymann CBE, Head of the Centre on Global Health Security at Chatham House. Keynote discussants include the Australian Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Baggoley AO, the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Mark Schipp, and Mr Jason Gale, Health and Science Editor for Bloomberg News.

The overall aim of the Symposium is to build on the strategic and policy work already underway in Australia and overseas and to further develop approaches that will: enhance information sharing and surveillance; improve best practice in conserving existing antimicrobials, including strategies to enhance point of care diagnosis before treatment and risk management; examine economic linkages that promote AMR.

Given the broad scope and consequences of growing AMR it is important to identify gaps in policy and regulatory frameworks as well as governance processes at the global, regional and national levels. This is a key aim of the event.

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