Critical Thinking & Analysis

Critical Thinking & Analysis

New Horizons Learning Centre Perth

Event outline


On completion of this course participant to be able to:

• Make better decisions through critical thinking and creative problem solving • Adapt to different thinking styles in group and team environments • Recognise and remove barriers to individual and group creativity to foster an innovative work environment • Systematically analyse a target problem • Present your ideas clearly and concisely for maximum stakeholder buy-in • Transform your creativity into practical business solutions • Quality control in decision making • Identify why intuitive decision making is not effective • Describe how thinking and reasoning processes operate • Explain natural barriers to sound reasoning • Look for bias and assumptions in problem analysis • Apply analytical techniques for comparing alternative solutions • Describe structure, standards, and ethics of critical thinking • Explain inputs and implications of thought processes • Control and evaluate your thought processes • Reason effectively and consistently • Demonstrate problem analysis best practices - using your decision time most effectively • Formulate creative solutions • Demonstrate analytical decision analysis techniques such as sequencing, sorting, time lines, and matrixes.


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New Horizons Perth is a training provider based in the Perth CBD. All trainers must have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, at least two years group training experience and industry experience.