New Horizons Learning Centre Perth

Developing a Business Case

New Horizons Learning Centre Perth

Event outline

On completion a participant will be able to:

  • Analyse, create and communicate a successful business case to meet your organisation's unique needs
  • Prepare a rigorous analysis to support the case
  • Explain the key financial principles used in business case development
  • Translate a concept or initiative into a range of viable options for achieving organizational goals
  • Identify and compare costs and benefits of alternative solutions
  • Apply risk assessment techniques to mitigate potential problems
  • Prioritise alternative solutions according to key decision criteria
  • Present the business case effectively to critical stakeholders to gain approval and buy in and increase the success rate.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

New Horizons Perth is a training provider based in the Perth CBD. All trainers must have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, at least two years group training experience and industry experience.