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The Effective Negotiator

New Horizons Learning Centre Perth

Event outline

The New Horizons’ The Effective Negotiator Program teaches participants the basics of negotiations. You will learn the basic types of negotiation and how to use negotiation processes in multiple situations. You will be able to articulate the phases required for success and learn the concepts WATNA, BATNA, WAP and ZOPA, their importance to a negotiation and how to apply them. You will be able to complete the groundwork for a negotiation and identify what information to share and what not to. Further, you will learn basic bargaining techniques, mutual gain strategies and tactics to reach consensus and establish terms of agreement. Finally, you will gain skills in dealing with personal attacks and other tricky situations as well as how to negotiate on behalf of others.

Target Audience:

This course suits anyone who needs to negotiate with other parties – internal or external – in the course of their job. Those dealing with sales, external providers, time-frame critical projects/outcomes and the management of individuals and teams will gain great benefit.

Key Participant Benefits:

  • Increases confidence through structure
  • Avoids resentment in ongoing relationships by providing strategies to create win/win outcomes
  • Helps navigate difficult negotiation situations through increased people skills

Key Business Benefits:

  • Minimises friction between people in long term business relationships (internal or external customers) by stemming resentment caused in lopsided negotiations
  • Increases revenue potential through improved external negotiations
  • Meets deadlines and keeps people appeased via effective running of projects

At Course Completion:

Participants will leave the course with a certificate of attendance and an individualised action plan to help support next steps on return to the workplace. More importantly you will have developed skills and knowledge to become:

  • A proficient negotiation preparer
  • More confident and comfortable as a negotiator
  • More able to get the best out of the negotiation
  • Better able to deal with conflicts and challenges
  • Capable of representing others in negotiation

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

New Horizons Perth is a training provider based in the Perth CBD. All trainers must have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, at least two years group training experience and industry experience.